Month: August 2016

There’s something very peaceful about just sitting by a body of water and staring off into space. It’s probably my favorite part about the summer. I love to just soak up the sun and enjoy the tranquility that I don’t quite get living in the city. As much as I’d love to be on the beach every weekend of the summer, I don’t like crowds, and if you’ve ever been to the Jersey shore anytime between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you’ll know exactly why someone like myself might not necessarily find that peaceful. So I try to go to other places where there’s water, but not necessarily a crowd, and Chesapeake City is one of them. According to The Culture Trip, Chesapeake City is one of the 10 most beautiful towns in Maryland. I think that’s enough reason for a visit, don’t you think?

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Every year, my siblings (and ever since he moved to Philly, my husband as well) and I go down to Chesapeake City just for the day…and sometimes, literally, just for a few hours. The first time I went, it was really so I could indulge in blue crabs at this laid-back place called the Tap Room. But over the years, I’ve found just how much I enjoy grabbing an ice-cream and sitting by the water later.


What we eat at the Tap Room and where we go afterwards have really become somewhat of a tradition. We always get blue crabs (they price them by the dozen and according to their sizes) along with hush puppies, Old Bay fries, coleslaw and sometimes corn (if they have it) at the crab house. If you’re not a fan of Old Bay or if you don’t like things too salty, definitely let them know you want your crabs with no seasoning. You can also ask for seasoning on the side, which is what I do because the restaurant does tend to put more Old Bay on the crabs than I’d like, and I feel seasoning masks the sweet taste of the crab meat. This time, when we went, they forgot to put it on the side. I don’t like sending food back, so I just ate them, but boy, did I regret it because it ended up being so salty! The crabs were so delicious though, so if you want to take a short road trip before the warm weather ends, make this drive! After our crab fest, we always head over to Canal Creamery to get ice-cream (for me, it NEEDS to be in a waffle cone) before strolling to one of the benches by the water to watch the boats go by, and this time, it was no different!

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As I’m writing this, I’m starting to get a little bummed that next week is already Labor Day weekend, which means warm weather will be coming to an end very soon. I love the summer. I love not having to worry about what the weather is like the next day. It’s just more fun to throw on my favorite sundress and whatever shoes I want without wondering if it’ll be too cold later at night. To think that I won’t be able to throw on a tank top and shorts in a few weeks – like I did when we went on this day trip – is depressing…haha! If you’re interested in this pair of shorts, it’s on sale now at the online Banana Republic Factory Store! My top is from a few years ago, so it’s no longer available, but I’ve linked a few that will go well with these shorts. Also, if you’re wondering if it’s a fitbit I’m wearing with my bracelet, the answer is yes! I’d just gotten a free fitbit from my workplace when we went down to Maryland, so I was experimenting with its use. My new year’s resolution was to be more active and work out, so I’m hoping this little gadget will help motivate me. It’s just so hard to incorporate it into my outfits though! My priorities obviously need to be tweaked a little!
I hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful Sunday. Pritom and I just spent part of it at an amazing dessert place in Jersey, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a post later this week! I’m going to hop out now to enjoy this sun!


| Top: American Eagle Outfitters (similar, similar, similar)| Shorts: Banana Republic Factory | Bracelet 1: Chloe+Isabel by WanYung | Bracelet 2: Chloe+Isabel by WanYung| Bracelet 3: fitbit | Earrings: Chloe + Isabel by WanYung | Bag: Francesca’s (similar)| Shoes: G.H. Bass & Co. (similar, similar) | Sunglasses: Burberry |

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