After more than a year of contemplating whether or not to start a blog, here I am! “Why now?” you ask. Well, as with everything else that drives me to do the things I do, the time just feels right.

The past 9 months have been quite a bit of a roller coaster ride for me, but the most life-changing event would undoubtedly be the loss of one of my closest friends who was like a big brother to me. Despite his many attempts last year to get me to hang out, I told him, “We’ll have to do it next time. I’m too busy this time around.” Months later, he passed. I never got to say goodbye to this amazing friend of mine. And it was all because I was “too busy”.

I’ve been beating myself up about this. I can’t take my words back or apologize to him now, and it still hurts. Yet, losing him has also been the greatest wake-up call for me: What am I doing with my life? How do I want to spend my days so I’ll never feel this kind of regret again?

I’ve always enjoyed anything that could give me a creative outlet. That includes writing, fashion, art, travel and yes, food. Creating beauty and appreciating beauty in even the smallest, most mundane things in my life makes me happy. Hence, this lifestyle blog. I hope this turns into your happy place the same way I know it will be mine. I mean, what could be more joyous than writing about my favorite things in life? This is like a dream come true, and I’m going to try to live it with no regrets!

Welcome again!