Pritom lived in England for a few years and often talks fondly of his time there, so for his birthday this year, I thought it’d be a nice surprise to take him somewhere that served British food. Mind you, I’ve never been to England, so I wouldn’t be the best judge of what’s most authentic. I picked The Dandelion based on reviews because even though I’d been there once with my girlfriends who were visiting Philly, I was so focused on the company, I didn’t remember much about the food.

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When Pritom and I went, it was a very warm Fall day, and I was way too overdressed, so I was craving a refreshing drink. Pritom recommended that I try the Pimm’s Cup, saying it’s a popular summer drink in England. Summer drink? Yep, that sounded like just what I needed. And in case you’re wondering, it was refreshingly delicious and I’d even order it in cooler weather. Pritom opted for the Belhaven Scottish Ale, the smoothness of which I really enjoyed (yes, I try everything he orders). For food, I went with the Lamb Shepherd’s Pie. It was a wee bit saltier than I’d have liked but it was otherwise incredible. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Call me crazy but cheddar isn’t one of my favorite types of cheese, and when I read that it was going to be in my meal, I was a little leery. I know – I ordered it anyway because I love lamb! And I’m so glad I did because the cheddar actually ended up making the whole thing taste so much better! Pritom ordered Bangers and Mash, and it was oh-so-good, but I couldn’t get enough of my Shepherd’s Pie…haha! Pritom thought what we ordered were all very quintessentially British, and there were a few other items on the menu that caught my eye but didn’t make it to my tummy, so I have a feeling we’ll be back very soon!

img_1850 img_1868 dsc_1465dsc_1471Hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend!