Unlike years past, 2016 didn’t start out quite the way I’d always welcomed a new year. I’d just lost one of my closest friends, and I was struggling with this loss. Everything I did, I was reminded of this loss and how I could have given him more of my time and done more for him. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of regret. I probably spent a good 4 months of the new year moping, crying and battling with a bunch of what-ifs and what I knew I should and could have done when he was alive. I had friends and family tell me that I did everything I could, but I knew. I knew I didn’t, and it ate me up.

The crazy thing about being a grown-up for many of us is that we always assume there’s more time to hang out with our family and friends, and so we put it off. We put off time with our loved ones when we have 50 things on our to-do list. We tell ourselves we’ll just attend “the next birthday party” because we could use the money from our overtime at work. We start prioritizing. And more often than not, unfortunately, time with family and friends ends up at the bottom of any list of ours and eventually gets overlooked. This was the case with me until my friend passed. I was always hustling, and felt like I never had time to just sit and appreciate everything and everyone around me, but after losing him and after dealing with all that regret, I finally woke up one day and told myself I made that huge mistake with one person in my life, and I refuse to make that same mistake again with anyone else.

So for the rest of 2016, I tried to live life to the fullest (which is why you didn’t see a single post from me this holiday season…ha!). If the weather was nice, I’d make sure Pritom and I went somewhere. If there was something I saw in a store that I knew someone I love would like, I’d buy it, and it could be for no special occasion at all. If someone called us up asking to meet up and hang out, we’d make sure it happened. When my parents visited, I took days off so we could just spend time together even if we weren’t doing anything exciting. I hugged and kissed my dog any and every chance I got. I made sure I took lots of pictures so I can look at them whenever I want to reminisce, and laugh and smile. I became addicted to Marie Kondo’s books and fully understood the importance of only buying and keeping things that sparked joy. I started this blog because I knew I’d enjoy sharing my passion for fashion, food, travel and other little things in life with you. And for the holidays, I made sure every second was spent showering my family with love and just appreciating the time together.

As I carry on with making the most out of life and strengthening my relationships and friendships with those near and dear to me in this new year, I’d love to just share some of my favorite pictures/moments from 2016. I guess spending the first few months of the year just being down really made the rest of the year go by very quickly, but I think I can honestly say I’ve made the most of it, and I hope to continue to understand the importance of love, good health and happiness.

Happy New Year!