I love shoes, but unfortunately, my feet are fussy and much to my dismay, don’t like some of the prettiest¬†styles that steal my heart. So, naturally, shoes that make it to my closet need to not only be cute but also be comfortable and make my feet happy.

As you probably remember from my last post, Pritom and I are planning a trip this summer (can’t wait to share where we’re going with you), which will require a lot of walking, but I don’t want to just wear good old sneakers and sandals, so of course, I’m already on the hunt for shoes…haha! Any excuse to shop, right?

I came across these slip-on sneakers by Earth and instantly fell in love. I love the perforations but also how different this print is. It looks like the flowers were watercolor-painted onto the shoes! They’re so perfect for the spring and summer, but even though the sole is comfortable, it took me weeks to break them in because the back of the shoes cut into my ankles so badly! They’re fine now though, and I loved them too much to give up on them so quickly, so I’m glad I persisted and now they don’t bother my ankles anymore. I can’t wait to wear them on repeat in the next few months!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring. I can’t believe half the year is almost over!


| Tunic Top: Nordstrom | Jeans: J Brand | Earrings: Chloe+Isabel by WanYung | Bag: Kate Spade (similar) | Shoes: Cole Haan |