I’m a true city girl. I love living in the city and all with which it comes. I also love visiting other cities – soaking in their culture, their food scene, their night life and their pace. Without a doubt, my favorite part when first driving into a city is taking in the cityscape, and smiling at the differences that set one apart from another. Very often, it’s the cluster of buildings and their heights, and of course the presence of prominent skyscrapers, that would catch my eye. With Pittsburgh, however, it was the bridges. I’d never seen so many bridges in one place in my life, and to say I was in awe would be an understatement.

If you’re looking for a nice summer weekend getaway away from the Philly pace and the shore crowds, and are a fan of cities, Pittburgh is an option. I’ll have to admit though there really isn’t much to do in the City of Bridges unless you’re a big sports fan.We spent two days there, and I’d say we did everything we wanted to do without feeling like we missed anything. In fact, on our way there, we stopped by Penn State University Park to indulge in and pick up some Creamery ice-cream, and we never once felt like we didn’t have enough time in Pittsburgh, The city is old, but has a charm to it. I did, however, miss the Philly food scene in the short period of time we were there.

A few of our friends recommended that we did the Monongahela Incline up Mount Washington, so we went in the evening on our first day there. There was quite a long line for the tram but we managed to get to the top right before sunset, and spent a good hour there watching the colors of the sun wash over the city. It was an absolutely breathtaking view – one I’ll never forget. It’s also worth noting how old those trams are! I love being able to experience something that I know people from decades or centuries ago experienced as well. I think it’s so beautiful to preserve something like this tram and still be able to use it to this day.

If you’re a fan of gardens, the Phipps Conservatory is definitely worth a visit! I’ll be the first to admit I have absolutely zero patience when it comes to gardening, but the conservatory made me wonder if I should start. It was THAT beautiful! Every bit of the gardens was carefully tended to, and if you have kids, you’ll be happy to know several sections of this place are catered just for them. The SUPER. NATURAL. Glass Art exhibit by Jason Gamrath also started this summer, and it was magnificent. I was ooh-ing and ah-ing the entire time. The level of detail put into these sculptures was remarkable. My family and I couldn’t take our eyes off of each! I learned so much from our visit there, and if I were to make it out to Pittsburgh again, I’d go there in a heartbeat!

Of course, no day of mine goes by without my talking about food. As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post, I did miss the food scene in Philly in just the two short days we were there, BUT we did visit the original and oh-so-famous Primanti Brothers in the Strip District. I ordered the Pitts-Burger and must admit it didn’t quite live up to all the hype. However, I also tried a little bit of everything everyone in our party ordered (Capicola and Cheese, Corned Beef and Cheese, and The Capone), and have to say I’d probably order The Capone instead if I made another trip! It was soooo delicious.

We did visit another burger place when we were there. Burgatory is a chain found only in Pittsburgh, and I was actually more impressed with its burgers than Primanti’s. I ordered the elk burger (my first ever), and devoured the whole thing, but naturally, I had to try a beef burger, so I stole some of my sister’s Morty Steakhouse. It was amazing. The portions were generous, and the shakes (spiked or regular) were all really, really good! Burgatory is probably the one thing I wish we had in Philly!

The only other eatery that really stood out from our visit was The Church Brew Works. This is a restaurant/micro-brewery converted from an old Catholic Church. Sacrilegious as it may be, it really was fascinating to see how they managed to have turned it into brewery yet kept all the beautiful features of the old church! When we went, they’d run out of many beers and food items, so definitely be sure to ask what they don’t have before something jumps out at you and gets you salivating only for it to not be available. Pritom and I had the lamb meatballs, the cheese plate and the spinach rolls. All were delicious. Our friend had the pierogies, and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I guess it’s safe to say you really can’t go wrong with anything there! If you’re a Pittsburgh native or have been there, I’d love to hear your experiences!