It’s been a month since we went to London (fun travel posts to follow), and now that I’ve finally transferred all of our pictures into my computer, it’s time I shared all fashion-, food- and travel-related aspects of our trip! Let’s start with the fashion though, and especially now that summer is officially over, there are some of us who are still not ready for fall and are already looking forward to our next sunshine-filled vacation so we can continue to wear our cute summer clothes.

I love to dress appropriately for every event and make sure my outfits suit the time of day. While on vacation, I can’t usually get back to the hotel for a quick change because I’m trying to do and see too much in one day to have that time. That’s why when I pack, I tend to pick outfits that I know can transition well from day to night based on my itinerary. Of course, I have to take drastic changes in the temperature into consideration, too, so I like to always make sure something would look cute with a sweater on should it turn chilly later.

I bought this Calvin Klein dress back in May, hoping to do a shoot with it then, and never did because life got crazy. It actually all worked out well in the end because being able to photograph this dress against this colorful backdrop was actually even more amazing. And also, lucky for you, the dress is now on major sale!! I always like to pack a couple of loose-fitting dresses with striking prints or fun designs when I go on vacation because I can do all my sight-seeing comfortably while not feeling out of place when I step foot into a fancier place. So as I was packing for this trip, I knew I had to take this dress with me! The floral details and pleats in addition to the trapeze silhouette were perfect for casual to slightly dressier events. I wore this dress for our visit to the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace, then to Portobello Road and Borough Market before finally making it to The Berkeley. I think it’s safe to say it was the perfect day-to-night vacation dress.

I’ve missed writing so much, and can’t wait to share all that we did on our trip! Have a wonderful weekend!


| Dress: Calvin Klein (another fun one) | Bag: Francesca’s (similar) | Shoes: Chloe (in taupe) |