Month: October 2017

Pritom and I hardly surprise each other partly because we both suck at it, and partly because we just like to make plans together. So imagine my surprise when he told me he had something planned for last Friday night and wouldn’t share what it was. To my dismay, he wouldn’t give in to my incessant prodding or fall for my few tricks, but I’m so glad he didn’t because taking me to The Glow: A Jack O’Lantern Experience was truly one of the most wonderful surprises ever.

We went for the 9:30pm admission, right after we had dinner. There were several food trucks parked right outside the entrance, but because I was so focused on trying to figure out what the husband had up his sleeve, I didn’t really pay attention to the food truck selection, which is so unlike me because food always comes first! Just know if you plan on going and haven’t had dinner, don’t worry because you can get food there!

The beginning of The Glow experience isn’t super duper exciting. One quick glance, and you might start wondering why you’re even there. I love Jack O’Lanterns, so naturally, I was already mesmerized. The start of the path was flanked on either side by simple Jack O’Lanterns, but I absolutely loved how they had Welcome in different languages carved out on several pumpkins. It was such a sweet reminder of how diverse this city is.

The further we walked, the more elaborate the displays became. I literally stopped every two seconds because I was in complete awe. I was afraid if I took more than a step at a time, I’d miss something. Who would have thought to create an under-the-sea scene with pumpkins? Or a winter wonderland theme with the most iconic fall squash? And if you have always been impressed with how people can sketch true-to-life portraits, be prepared to be even more wowed because portraits are now carved into pumpkins!

I was so amazed by the whole event that the moment I got into our car, I started looking it up. It turns out it’s only here on weekends this October and then the event will move to three other cities next year, so hurry if you want to be a part of this experience! For tickets, click on this link. If you’re in the DC and Nashville areas, you can visit The Glow there, too!

If you make it there, let me know what you think!

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