I’m so sorry for this long overdue post. This is so embarrassing to even say, but for a split second, I forgot what link to use to blog! Yep, that pretty much sums up how long it’s been since I last posted and all the craziness that’s happened in the last 4 months! As I’ve been pretty much hibernating when I’m not running around doing a million things like a chicken with its head cut off, my next few posts will all be based on photoshoots in London and Paris (which, by the way, were almost 6 months ago now…whoa…). Of course, I’ll finally put together my travel posts as well…I promise I’ll be better!

I love bell sleeves because of the dimension it adds to an outfit, and you know I’m all about dimensions and textures in how I dress. Like my off-the-shoulder pieces, I’ve worn bell sleeves from when they were in style eons ago to being completely dated and now back to being on-trend. Basically, to say that my style has not changed at all since I could pick out my own clothes and that I’m pretty predictable is an understatement…haha!

As mentioned in one of my older posts, I like to pack cute pieces that I know can transition well from day to night, but comfort is also key. That’s where my bell sleeves come in. They’re fun but also so flowy they make sightseeing that much more comfortable! The one I’m wearing in these pictures, in particular, is so soft, too. At times during the day, I caught myself just playing with the sleeves like a baby holding on to his/her security blanket! It’s no longer available, but here’s one that’s similar. As for other cute styles made of the same exact super snuggly fleece fabric, definitely take a lot at this and this! Also, the sneakers I wore were soooo comfy I felt like I was prancing on clouds even though we walked a whole 25000 steps that day!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


| Sweater: Nordstrom (a cute option, another cute one, different style but same cozy fabric)| Jeans: Abercrombie | Earrings: Chloe+Isabel by WanYung | Bag: Vera Bradley (similar) | Sneakers: Puma | Sunglasses: Burberry |